about me

15 things about me:

I always get flu everyday especially in the morning

I like to play with all my friends

I like to say "hello" to everybody

I like draw something, so visit my deviantart

I don't like to sing, because my voice is bad. but, if I enjoy the song or I playing guitar, I will sing

I don't like to study hard, because it's makes me headache

I'm a lazy girl

Now I'm fall in love with 2 boys, I call them Ben 1 and Ben 2. I love Ben 1, and I just like Ben 2. I think they are very cool

I want get tall!!! hehe

Vanny says "I'm soooooooooo afraid of death, i'm not ready if i die tomorrow" I'm agree with Vanny

I don't like smoker

I hate liar

I'm jealous with someone

I'm a sensitive girl

I'm like to imagine

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